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Friday, December 19, 2014

DIY Gift Wrap Ideas

It's less than a week until Christmas, so of course I have all my gifts purchased and wrapped under the tree.

Nope. That was a lie. I have not wrapped one. single. gift. I haven't even bought them all yet! Though, to be fair, I am relying on Santa for the bulk of our family's presents. You guys are all on the Nice List, right?

Well, if, like me, you will be doing all your lovely gift-wrapping on Christmas Eve in-between baby bedtime and Santa's arrival (because we all have to be asleep when Santa comes, obviously), here are some DIY gift-wrap ideas to inspire you! Then again, if these sound like too much work, I would encourage you to embrace the time honored tradition of easy peasy gift wrapping via gift bag + tissue paper :)

Brown Paper Packages - Dress up plain postal paper for unique gift wrap.

May Your Nails be Merry & Bright - Gift tag idea for nail polish gifts.

Wine Bottle Gift Tags 

Neon Lines  - Go crazy with washi tape.

Blooming Blossoms - An elaborate way to dress up a special gift.

What's your gift-wrap style? Crafty? Easy? Get it gift-wrapped at the store? Let your teenage daughter wrap most of the gifts? (I'm lookin' at you Mom and Dad!)

Happy Wrapping :)

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  1. These are all so beautiful! For hannukah this year I've been using our playsilks or other scarves to wrap presents. Just tie it up and you're done. I love that there's nothing to clean up! Probably only works for hannukah because it's just a few presents each night and then you can use the scarves again the next night.