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It's been a while since the days when James and I enjoyed our leisurely Saturday morning pancakes in bed while watching Star Trek... Not sure when that will happen again! We are learning on the go as we figure out how to be parents to two sweet boys with special needs, and discover who we are as a family.

Pancakes for four...

Henry was born in July of 2013. He is a sweet, snuggly mush face. Henry has a chromosome anomaly called Dup15q. (For more info on that see the Henry and 15q page.) Now that he's more mobile, Henry is a very curious explorer! He crawls and cruises around searching for new things to see, feel, and especially taste. He loves songs and rhymes and he is very excited about his newest skill: clapping!

Big brother Calvin was born in April of 2012. He is as clever - and sometimes as mischievous! - as the comic strip character he is named after and he loves his stuffed animals just as much, too. He is also funny, friendly and eager to meet new people ad explore new places. Calvin has a totally different chromosome anomaly called 22Q deletion syndrome. (For more info on that, see the Calvin and 22q page.) Calvin is obsessed with dinosours, trains, and his favorite show, Dinosaur Train (obviously!). He is talking more and more, but he has trouble with those pesky consonants.

James is a working dad. He finished up his PhD in mechanical engineering at Stanford and in the fall of 2013 he began work as a research engineer at Align Technologies. James doesn't have any chromosome anomalies. James loves homebrewing (and beer in general... fancy beer, of course). He does all our fancy photography and photo editing, and he also loves hiking/camping/outdoorsy stuff (which has become a family hobby). In his past life, James was also into rock climbing and motorcycle riding, but those hobbies have taken a backseat to parenting these days.

I'm a stay-at-home-mom and the author of this blog. I don't have any chromosome anomalies either. In my past life I was an elementary school teacher and I worked mostly with first and second graders. I even have a master's degree in language and literacy education. One day I hope to return to my career as an educator, but for now my jobs as a SAHM and Calvin and Henry's Personal Assistant are both full-time. I enjoy writing and crafting and I try to make time to read. I'm a newbie runner and I love yoga.

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