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Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Oh My God So Tired.

I feel like this blog paints a misleading picture of what an active and energetic mom I might be.

I assure you, I am not. I am kind of lazy and I am always tired.

Monday morning, after the first weekend of our Christmas season and Christmas Countdown, I felt like I had been run over by that holiday train we went to see Sunday night. For real. My entire body ached. Do I regret our busy weekend of Christmas tree cutting, hiking with friends, and holiday train entertainment? Of course not! It was awesome and the kids loved it. (Well, Calvin loved it. Henry is less enthusiastic, but generally happy to be along for the ride.) And I loved it! I love fun and busy weekends with the fam. But Oh. My. God. So. Tired. 

I try to do lots of fun stuff with Calvin and Henry. Day trips and art projects and sensory play and all that. I'm a SAHM and they don't go to daycare or preschool, so it's on me to give them chances for different kinds of learning and experiencing, and I want our life to be more than just a string of doctor appointments and therapy visits. And I love it.

But oh my lawd it is exhausting. I cannot do everything and I do not try. So don't expect your Christmas cards early this year, friends and family. And I'm still sorry I haven't sent thank you notes for the gifts you gave my children. Ever. And don't be surprised if you come over and our sink is full of dirty dishes and our laundry basket is overflowing (because I am drowning in dishes and laundry, people. Drowning, I tell you!). Or Calvin is running around with no pants because he had a potty accident and I just didn't want to take the chance of him peeing in another pair today (drowning in laundry!).

I am definitely not Super Mom 24/7. (Arguably I am not Super Mom ever. Though I like to think we all have our super moments.)

I recently came across this post from ScaryMommy, 37 Reasons I'm Not Embracing The Moment. And when I read it, I was like, This. Is. My. Life. I mean, minus the two older kids and the breastfeeding. But still.

I really do appreciate being a mom and our family life. The big family outings, our special traditions, and many little tiny moments that happen every day. But in between those magic moments... Holy Cow I just want to veg out on the couch and play Candy Crush while binge-watching Pretty Little Liars on Netflix. Which is why I spend precious naptime doing exactly that instead of cleaning or working out or something else productive. (Did I mention I am kind of lazy?) Because those magic moments worth embracing come along with a whole lot of work and patience and dirty diapers, am I right?! 

So don't be fooled. I only post the things I think are worth sharing. Maybe you weren't fooled anyway! After all, some of you see me in real life :)

What about you? Other parents? Fess up. What would you rather be doing when you're not embracing the magic of parenthood? Is it Candy Crush?? I knew it. ;) How do you cope with the tired?

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