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Wednesday, December 24, 2014

A Look Back at our Christmas Countdown

It's Christmas Eve!

Granny and Danpa are in town. My home is full of food waiting to be prepared for tomorrow and gifts that I still haven't wrapped. (I wasn't kidding about that wrapping presents on Christmas Eve thing!) I am so excited about having family over today and tomorrow to celebrate Christmas, although my apartment feels totally unprepared for it... But the cooking and the cleaning and the gift wrapping will get taken care of with a little work and a little help. It's Christmas! Miracles happen :)

I'd say our Christmas Countdown was a success. We skipped a couple of things, but all in all it was great to have a plan to fit in all this fun stuff and it kept me from being lame and staying in watching Dinosaur Train on some of the rainy days we've had this month (Yay for rain! But raincoats and galoshes and umbrellas make it extra work to get out of the house!). Like the day we went to the library to drop off our food donations. It was pouring rain and I did not feel like gearing up and heading out into the downpour. But I knew if we didn't go drop off our donations that day, then I'd probably forget about it because we'd be busy with our other stuff, or worse, I'd keep procrastinating and blaming it on the weather. So I pulled it together and we went, rain gear and all, puddles and all, which Calvin likes anyway :)

Here's a look back at some of the other fun stuff we did.

We read the story of Jesus' birth.

We made snowflake pictures. 

We read "The Gingerbread Baby" and "Gingerbread Friends" and then we made some gingerbread friends of our own!

The boys picked out new Christmas books. The Dinosaurs' Night Before Christmas,
and The Night Before the Night Before Christmas.

James cut down our Christmas tree!

And we brought it home and decorated it. 

Um... we tried playing with snow dough...

We donated toys at Sleep Train.

We saw reindeer at the Academy of Sciences.

We decorated a gingerbread house!

We went to see some fancy neighborhood Christmas displays.
And doesn't Calvin look adorable in those leggings?? They are actually pajamas :)

Here's Henry at the neighborhood lights in his Mickey PJ's :)

We saw Caltain's holiday train! And we donated toys to Toys for Tots at this event too. 

We made a Christmas tree picture. With sparkly dinosaurs! 

We saw Santa! Santaaaaa!!

Calvin made cards for two of his friends.

We went to see the lights at the zoo with our cousins.

And tonight, we'll leave out something yummy for Santa!

I hope everyone celebrating tonight and tomorrow has a very happy, warm-fuzzy Christmas :)

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