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Thursday, June 12, 2014

Neon Lines Washi Tape Gift Wrap

Last week was bookended with joint birthday parties for Calvin's friends. The first weekend we celebrated Autumn and Zoe's birthdays and the following weekend it was Sydney and Lydia's party. I got these four girls all the same present (hee hee) and of course I was excited to have an excuse to come up with some kind of fun gift wrap. Back at Easter, I used this skinny neon washi tape to decorate some of our Easter eggs and I really liked the effect. Plus it was fun to do!

So I decided to use the same idea to wrap the girls' presents and I think they're totally rad!

This is officially my new favorite way to use washi tape! And this skinny, brightly colored tape is officially my new favorite washi tape. I got it from Michael's craft store and it came with 8 different colors. This random-looking way of wrapping it round and round is pretty simple to do, but a little weird to explain. Basically, you don't choose which direction to wrap, you just follow the angles of the package, keeping the tape flat as you go.

Start by wrapping your gift in plain brown paper or a solid color wrapping paper. 

Then choose your tape colors and pick one to use first. You can start the first line anywhere and cover up the "loose" end of it later. I started mine on the side of the package, at an angle. Lay the tape down in a straight line until you get to the edge.

When you go over the edge, pull the tape taut to keep it flat (meaning no bubbles or weird creases) and it will sort of change direction. Lay it down flat, following the direction it takes and keeping it straight. Each time you go over an edge, pull the tape taut so that you can lay it down flat. Follow whatever direction keeps it flat, turning the package as you go.

With this one, I got lucky and the tape went right over the "loose" end where I had started.

I like to cut off the end so that it meets another part of the line, hiding the "loose" end.

Start your next color so that the "loose" end connects to part of the first color and just keep wrapping and keeping the tape flat - no bubbles or creases. 

You can use the second color to cover up the "loose" end of the first color if needed.

I topped them with big white letter stickers and I absolutely love how they turned out! Kinda makes me want to pull my hair back in a scrunchie and watch Saved By the Bell. 

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  1. Lydia went straight for your specially wrapped present first and she hasn't let go of her "little cochon" (Little pig). Thank you!