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Monday, June 9, 2014

Henry Wellness Update: Tummy Time and Tummy Aches

After Henry's last round of check ups in April, we had upped his Prevacid dosage (for acid reflux) and started adding thickener to his formula (to prevent him from aspirating - letting it get into his lungs) and we saw awesome improvement. He has been much happier and more playful and he has even started sleeping through the night! #sweetsweetsleep

He's been able to spend longer stretches of time playing on the mat or in his chair and a couple of weeks ago he hit another motor milestone: he started rolling from his back to his tummy! Now that he can roll both ways he is on the move! It takes him a while, but between the rolling and being able to turn himself around in a circle he can get all over the room now. He is a mobile baby! And we are thrilled and relieved and proud of our little guy.

In this video you can see 10-month-old Henry kicking, rolling over, and even trying to scoot!

I wish it was all good news, but unfortunately Henry's reflux has become a problem again. I was resistant to increasing his reflux medicine a few weeks ago, but once we did it we saw a clear improvement - as in, he stopped  puking every day. Which was awesome. Until the puking started up again. Every. Day. Starting about a week ago. And I don't know why it's back! I thought we had his reflux under control! We've been giving him his Prevacid twice a day, doctor's orders, at the same times - breakfast and dinner. And still I got puked on at Calvin's art class. And at Sydney and Lydia's birthday party. And several times at home.

He is still acting happy and playful. He isn't acting sick, except for a few moments before and during the actual throwing up. Once he's done he seems totally fine again. His appetite is about the same and his eating patterns haven't changed. #smh

We happened to have a follow up with his ENT (ear nose throat) doctor already scheduled for today and after using a scope to check out Henry's throat, the doc confirmed that the acid is irritating his throat and voice box again. He said he would be in favor of increasing treatment for the reflux. We have an appointment with Henry's GI (gastroenterology and internal medicine) doctor next week and I will talk to him about it and see what he recommends. I think it's going to mean an additional prescription. I am still hoping that the puking will mysteriously and miraculously just stop altogether. Wouldn't that be nice? Meanwhile, we are trying out Similac "sensitive" formula to see if it makes a difference.

It's easier to deal with the challenges when lots of other things are going well. It is frustrating to feel like his poor little body just isn't working right... but his big smile and playful movements are reassuring.


  1. smh, right there with you, sweet pea! poor henry, poor mom and dad, too! hang in there and we're praying that the puking stops now! go henrito, go!

  2. Hurray for the mobility and smiles! Bummer on the return of puking. Might the strengthening of his abdominal muscles from his increased activities and new abilities be putting more pressure on his stomach when he pulls himself forward, like to try to balance in an upright position, and his esophageal sphincter hasn't caught up in strength yet to the increased pressure? I'm not sure how the sphincter is conditioned to be stronger but perhaps this is just a temporary phase of imbalance of strength? I don't really know what I'm talking about, my head just always tries to figure out these puzzles. It will be very interesting to see what the GI has to say next week. I hope you will share. I'm glad Henry is generally happier, I know you are too. Hang in there, Diana, things will get easier one day. ~lynn

    1. Definitely seems possible that becoming more active could be affecting his digestion. I'll ask his OT and GI docs about it!