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Monday, June 30, 2014

Mini Wellness Update: PT Pics

Saw Henry's gastro doc this morning and here's the latest: the erythromycin has decreased the vomiting, but he is still waking up in the middle of the night retching. So the doc recommends giving the last dose after bedtime, which means waking him up - but  maybe that's better than letting the poor kid wake up retching :( Not sure if it will work, but I will try it for a few nights. Henry's doc also wants to do another fluoroscopy, like the swallow study, but this one will look at food travelling all the way through his system past his stomach in order to check for any anatomical abnormalities. I don't think this procedure will be that big of a deal. Just Henry drinking barium and being x-rayed again.

Henry had a good PT (physical therapy) session today! His therapist noted that he seems to be gaining strength and stamina - not needing breaks as often and not getting fussy at the end of PT. I took a few pictures during his session today. Sorry for the blurriness! Moving subject!

Some practice kneeling... using his trunk to hold himself up so he can have his arms free to play.

Some practice sitting with a hand on his lower back to help him balance

Pushing with his legs for strength and sensory input

Baby elbow plank! Kind of like a wheelbarrow...

And all the way up! Baby plank! Using those arms and abs to support himself. It's hard!

Whew! It's hard work for my little guy. I'm always proud of him.


  1. wonderful! go henry, yay henry! hope the med timing change helps!

  2. Looking good Henry! We're proud of all your hard work too.