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Sunday, July 6, 2014

Fourth of July

Henry celebrated his first Independence Day last week! Though he probably couldn't tell that it was different from any other day, since we had a very low-key celebration. I said, "Henry! It's your first 4th of July!" And James goes, "Yeah. And yesterday was his first 3rd of July. And tomorrow will be his first 5th of July. All the days are his first day until his birthday." #thankyoucaptainliteral

That morning, during Henry's early nap, Calvin did a little patriotic painting.

Calvin also helped me bake and decorate the cupcakes.

One sprinkle for the cupcake, one sprinkle for Calvin...

My cousins came over for a little party at our place. We had some red, white, and blue snacks and James grilled hamburgers and hot dogs.

It was a foggy day in our neighborhood, but Calvin still got to play outside a bit with his water toys and his sand sensory bin.

Calvin and Granny
Abbie, Calvin, Ramiro

Henry stayed in his PJ's all day. Because why not? Here he is playing with his daddy at our little work bench.

Happy 4th of July! Pamela, Diana, Granny Anne

Pamela, Granny Anne, Henry

After dark, we walked over to a nearby playground to watch the illegal fireworks our neighbors set off. Hee hee. We even let Calvin stay up late and come outside to see them. (Henry went to bed at his usual bedtime and did not get to see any fireworks. #sorryhenry) Calvin seemed fascinated and frightened at the same time. Every once in a while he would sign "scared" after a particularly big boom. But when we asked if he wanted to go inside, he said no, he wanted to see more.

It was a pretty chill 4th (literally chill too with all that fog!), but always fun to have an excuse to have our cousins come over and hang out, eat some yummy food :)

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  1. and how fun to have Granny there! Yay and thanks for the post n pics!