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Thursday, July 10, 2014

7 Years Good Luck

Last Monday James and I celebrated our 7th wedding anniversary! The 7th isn't typically thought of as a major milestone, but for us it felt special because of our lucky 7 wedding date, 07-07-07 :)

My mom and my cousin Pam babysat for us on Saturday so that we could spend the day up in wine country. I love going wine tasting, but we never get to go anymore now that we have littles!

On the 7th, we went out to dinner on the Embarcadero in the city. Granny Anne and Hartley babysat. 

Goodnight babies! Mama and Daddy are going out!

In honor of our 7th anniversary, here's a #tbt  #jamesanddianaversary edition! 


It was a wonderful day. The cloudy skies saved us from the usual heat of Georgian summer. We were surrounded by family and friends, so many of whom helped us pull the whole thing off! For our honeymoon we borrowed a little Hobie catamaran from the GA Tech sailing club (James was a member) and towed it up to the outer banks of North Carolina where we spent a week relaxing and sailing. As soon as we got home from our honeymoon, we packed up our little apartment (again, with lots of help from friends and family!) and took a cross-country road trip in a moving van to our new home: California. 

It was a wonderful day, and it has been 7 wonderful years. A whirlwind, especially these last two years when Calvin and Henry blew into our lives and made us a family of four! These days we are often exhausted and covered in baby food and dirty laundry, but at our hearts we are happy and grateful because we know we are blessed.  We celebrate the 7 years gone by, knowing we are still just at the beginning of our journey together. Cheers! :)

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