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Monday, July 14, 2014

Henry's Beary First Birthday!

We had an awesome Teddy Bear Picnic yesterday to celebrate Henry's beary first birthday! It was so nice to spend time with friends and family, especially those we don't often get to see. We picked a park down the peninsula a-ways to make sure we were out of the fog and into the sunshine. And though there was no grass to speak of (terrible drought over here in CA!), we spread out our blankets in the shade at the edge of the woods and it really was a nice picnic spot. The yellow jackets thought so too. 

To create the theme, we had bear ears for the kiddos (you know, because a Teddy Bear picnic is for bears only!), bear cupcakes, honey bear bottles for the drinks, and little bear lunches that had bear-shaped PBJ's and bags of Teddy Grahams :)

Calvin is getting ready to eat his "little bear lunch"
Since Henry can't really eat cake (not because we wouldn't let him, but because he's not quite there yet with the whole chewing-and-swallowing biz), we made him a birthday "cupfake" by filling a cupcake wrapper with whipped cream! He liked the first bite, he liked the second bite, and then he was over it. Big brother Calvin was ready to help him finish it ;) After we sang to the birthday boy and helped him blow out the candle on his cupfake, it was time to pass out the real cupcakes!

Why can't we have birthday picnics every weekend?? Oh yeah, because they are a lot of work! But thanks to lots of help from my parents, my cousins, and our friends, we pulled it off and I think everybody had a nice time. I sure did. And HALLELUJAH we had no potty accidents or tantrums or spit-ups of any kind! Happy birthday to Henry, happy birthing day to me ;) and happy picnicking to all of us!

Birthday boy! 1-year-old Henry!

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