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Monday, September 14, 2015

While Calvin's Away, Henry will Play!

Calvin started preschool last week! Eeek!!

He was excited to be dropped off on his first day and I didn't even cry! ;) Seems like his first week of school went well. Definitely some adjusting happening, but he's happy and eager to go each morning and when I go to pick him up, he's always sitting on the rug with his classmates listening intently to the story his teacher is reading and craning his little neck to see the pictures. 

While Calvin is at school, Henry will continue to be pretty busy with his therapies. But on that first day, I ended up canceling all of Henry's therapies so that I could have more time to spend dropping Calvin off. After we said "Bye Bye" to big brother and dropped Daddy off at the train station, Henry and I decided to go celebrate Calvin's first day of preschool at Hop n Play!

Hop n Play is a fun indoor play space for littles. We actually had Calvin's 2nd birthday party here. They have toy play areas, some small carousel-type rides, an air bounce room, and this cool balloon room where four fans blow dozens of balloons around in circles. So simple. So awesome.

I wish I could cancel therapy every day and do fun stuff like this with Henry!

No, not really. 

Ok, yeah I do. But I know, I know, therapy is important. So we'll all put on our big boy pants and go to school and work and therapy and save fun stuff like this for special days :) 

I think it will be nice having lots more one-on-one time with Henry. I had that with Calvin before Henry was born, and now it kind of feels like it's Henry's turn. I'm sure the year will fly by and before we know it, it will be time for Henry to start school! So we'll try to make the most of it while we can. 

Happy Monday! 


  1. please think of these fun times as therapeutic too. You are his #1 therapist!! look at all the stimulation and motivation he is experiencing. love, love the video. you are the best.