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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Hip Hop Hooray! Birthday Party Day!

I know. I go a little birthday crazy. Birthdays are a big deal in my book! So even though we had already celebrated Calvin's birthday with a special trip to the zoo, we also had a party the following weekend for Calvin and his friends. We had the party at an indoor play space down the peninsula called Hop'n'Play. It was awesome. The kids love this play space. Lots of stuff to climb up, jump on, and slide down... plus this awesome balloon room with fans blowing balloons all around while the toddlers run around screaming with joy.

Calvin in the balloon room back in January on his first visit to Hop'n'Play
Having the party here made party planning so easy for James and me. Hop'n'Play had the party room set up and decorated for us and all we had to do was get catering delivered and bring cupcakes and favors. Done, done, and done.

Calvin pretty much had the place to himself for a while!

Calvin and Lydia shared a birthday smooch!

Baby brother Henry brought his own chair.

These little guys are getting so big! All sitting at the table and feeding themselves lunch! 

More birthday cupcakes! With little labels made by mama.

Bubbles for party favors... "Thanks for popping by!"

Happy birthday dear Calvin, Haaaaapy birthdaaay to yooooou!

He may have had some help blowing out the candle...

...but he didn't need any help eating his cupcake!

"Whaaat? No cupcake for me?"

"Sooooo, what's the status on seconds?"

Oh my sweet little cupcake monster. I love that guy so much!

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  1. awesome and wonderful! we so appreciate getting to share in the fun this way! thanks beaucoups! again, great pictures - olive um! big hugs to everybody!