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Friday, April 4, 2014

We Can't Believe He's Turning Two!

Calvin's 2nd birthday is next week! Get ready for a bunch of birthday posts! Starting now, with a birthday poem I wrote about Calvin's 2nd year :) This poem is patterned after Maurice Sendak's Chicken Soup with Rice, which I like very much.

Last April we raised a cheer
To celebrate Calvin's first year
Cupcakes all around! Hear hear!
Cheers from me
Cheers from you
And now our boy is turning two!

In May with flowers blooming fair
Daddy first cut Calvin's hair!
With a snip snip here and a buzz buzz there...
Trim for me
Trim for you
This handsome guy is turning two!

In sunny June, our little man
Was glad to greet his Granny Anne!
And smile like only Calvin can
Granny for me
Granny for you
Granny's big boy is turning two!

For him, July was like no other
That month he met his baby brother!
First one sweet boy, and then another!
Brothers for me
Brothers for you
And now big brother's turning two!

In August Calvin had us gawking
At his new skill: he was walking!
And doing so well it was shocking
Walk to me
Walk to you
We can't believe he's turning two!

In September Calvin went
On his first camping trip! And spent
His first night sleeping in a tent!
S'mores for me!
No s'mores for you -
Maybe after you turn two...

October flew for our Cal-bean
With friends and family to be seen
And a Harry Potter Halloween!
Tricks for me
Treats for you
Trick or Treat! He's turning two!

In November we did find
Calvin was quickly learning signs!
More words to say what's on his mind
Signs for me
Signs for you
We can't believe he's turning two.

In December, merrily
Calvin enjoyed the Christmas tree
And learned Jesus' birth story
God bless me
God bless you
God bless the boy who's turning two.

In January he explored
What CalAcademy had in store
Fish and butterflies and more!
Explore with me
Explore with you
We can't believe he's turning two!

In lovey February, then
Calvin went travelling again
To Seattle to see a friend
Planes for me
Trains for you
This travelling boy is turning two!

Like a spry March leprechaun
Calvin showed off his brains and brawn
Zooming over, under, and upon
Climb to me
Slide to you
Our active boy is turning two!

And now we're back in April days
And we can't help but be amazed
Calvin has grown in many ways
Happy me!
Happy you!
Happy Birthday! You are two!

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