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Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Tot Play Tuesday: 3 Fall Art Ideas

The first official day of fall is tomorrow and while I am still basking in Indian Summer here in California, I know lots of my friends are already starting to enjoy cooler weather, leggings and scarves, pumpkin spice lattes, and soon, gorgeous fall foliage.

So here are three art ideas from last year's fall blog posts to get you and your little ones in the spirit of the season (even if it is Indian Summer where you are too!). 

These are three art projects that I did with Calvin and Henry last year, and I'm thinking I'm going to bring them back and do them again this fall. It will be neat to compare their art from last year with this year. All three of these projects are pretty easy if you've got a few art supplies on hand. 

All you need for this gorgeous artwork are some paints, paper, and any kind of marker or pen. I used a brown sharpie. The paints I used were a mix of fingerpaints and tempera paint. You could do the same thing with watercolors, draw the tree trunk and let them paint away! I bet watercolors would be so pretty. If you're not up for freehanding a tree trunk, print one out! 

I did this project with the boys after Halloween to use up the little bitty pumpkins we had. And then we did it again with apples. What I love about this art project is that you can throw it together as a last minute idea with whatever you have on hand. Any kind of paint or even ink stamp pads would work for this, and just about any kind of fruit or veggie. 

Torn Paper Collage

I've always enjoyed making collage art. In high school and college I used to make lots of magazine collages. When working with little kids, I like torn paper collage because then they don't have to worry about being skilled with scissors. For Calvin, I did what I would have done for my first graders: I cut the paper into strips first so that he could (in theory) tear small pieces off. (If you read the post, you'll see that the project did not go over as well as I'd dreamed it would!). For collage art, of course, you don't need to draw anything, you could just go for it with the paper or you can start with a shape or the start of a picture like my tree trunk and turkey head.

Happy Fall Y'all!!

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