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Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Hot Yoga... More Like Snot Yoga

I spent the summer (sorta) training for the Giant Race 10k. Now that the race is over, I'm trying to get back into my yoga practice and I'm trying to balance it with keeping up my running. 

In the spring, I was doing Bikram yoga and this month I switched to a heated vinyasa studio. I like hot yoga because I feel like it helps me really get a good stretch through my muscles and it feels relaxing. And challenging. Don't get me wrong, heated vinyasa is no joke. 

One small hitch in my fitness game is that the entire family came down with a cold. It started with the boys and their runny noses. Then James got the worst of it and had to take a sick day. I also had a terrible runny nose, but I was in denial about it so while James was home on his sick day I decided to take advantage of that and go to an afternoon yoga class. Because moms don't get sick, right? Right, guys??

Anyway, I didn't bring my mat towel, and I don't bring a face towel because I'm used to Bikram where they teach you not to wipe away your sweat. So basically I had nothing to save me when my nose started running halfway through class. Fun fact: hot yoga will open up not only your pores, but also your sinuses! And I knew this, but I was in such denial about having a cold that I forgot to grab something to wipe my nose with during class. (I can't be sick. Moms don't get sick. I feel fine. *Sniff*)

So not only am I sweating and stretching, I'm also sniffling and trying to keep breathing through my nose without snot-rocketing onto my mat which is already getting slippery with sweat - should've brought that darn mat towel! By the end of class I'm a hot yoga mess. Snot is mixing with the sweat on my face, and I'm trying to discreetly transfer some of the slime to my bare arm because my stretchy yoga top is too tight to reach my face. So gross, y'all. I probably should have just sucked it up and left my mat in the middle of class to blow my nose. But I kept thinking, it'll be fine! I'm sure it'll stop any second now... 'Cause I'm not even sick! 

So stubborn. 

And the moral of this cautionary tale is... always bring your mat towel to hot yoga! #facepalm

Or, if you have a cold, go ahead and admit that you're sick and stay home with a cup of tea instead! While your toddlers wipe their snotty noses on your pants. If you're as lucky as me, anyway. #butmomsdontgetsick

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  1. gross, talaga! reminds me of miles per rappaport, may he rest in peace, finally snot free!