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Monday, August 24, 2015

Monday Funday: The Giant Race 10k!

Mondays are not generally known for being fun. I realize that. And I get that "Monday Funday" is kind of an oxymoron. But that's exactly why I'm trying to brighten up my Mondays - and yours! - by sharing something super fun and super un-Monday ;) 

Something like the Giant Race we ran this past weekend!!

This was my first 10k race, and I've been (sorta) training all summer. It was James' first 10k race, too. He's more of a cyclist than a runner, and he's spent the summer training for the Marin Century cycling race which he did a couple of weeks ago.

Finding time (and motivation) for running has been hard with the two kiddos. Early mornings before anyone else is up, naptime runs with the jogging stroller (Blech! I hate running with the stroller!), and occasional babysitting help when I could get it is how I managed. It was great while my mom was in town because that made it easy for me to slip out for a run and leave the boys with her. James is able to go for occasional runs during his lunch break at work. We rarely get to run together, but the few times we've been able to get away for a run, just the two of us, have been really nice. For the race, my cousin Pam came over very very early to stay with Calvin and Henry while we were out killin' the 10k ;)

7 AM start with our fellow runner Giants fans!

I love the Giant Race because it has the big bonus of giving us a chance to show our team spirit and hang out at AT&T Park, home of our World Champion San Francisco Giants!! And we get sweet Giants running jerseys and race swag. This year we each got a Hunter Pence Bobblehead and the race medals were in the shape of the World Series Championship rings! Some seriously sweet bling!

Anybody going for a run today? Not me!! Taking a rest day after race day for sure. 

How about upcoming races? Anybody in training for one? What race should I sign up for next??

Go Giants! And Happy Monday :)

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