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Thursday, August 27, 2015

Throwback Thursday for James' Birthday

It's a birthday kind of day around here! Which means, of course, we started the day with my favorite birthday tradition: Birthday Breakfast!

Possibly not the favorite birthday tradition of the birthday Daddy himself, who is in fact not a morning person... 

But I had coffee ready for him, of course! And pancakes with sprinkles and birthday candles.

Help Daddy blow out the candles!

In honor of James' birthday, and because his birthday conveniently falls on a Thursday this year, here's a little #tbt straight from James' childhood scrapbook. (To my brothers and sisters-in-law, I left you guys out. You're welcome.)

Look at that cute fat baby!! And there's newborn James with his dad John.

Toddler James. To me, this looks so much like Henry. 


James visits Disney World! And check out Donald Duck looking totally rad.

What is this newfangled technology? What will they think of next??

Happy Birthday to my love!

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