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Sunday, October 26, 2014

Lions, Tigers, and Bears at the Zoo

I looooove taking the boys to the zoo. And they love it too! Especially Calvin. Calvin just loves animals and Henry has started to show interest in looking at the animals too (though I think Henry is more entertained by the fish at the aquarium). For me, strolling around the zoo with the babies looking at all the animals is a relaxing way to spend half a day. We are lucky to have such a nice zoo nearby and we live close enough that it's no problem to go a couple of times a month. (We have a yearly membership and it's so worth it!)

Since Calvin loves animals so much I knew that animal costumes would be the way to go for Halloween, but I felt like it was boring for us to all be the same animal. So I did some Pinterest searching and got this idea to do lions, tigers and bears as a family costume theme! I talked to Calvin about it and he said that he wanted to be the lion and he wanted Henry to be the tiger. The plan was for me to be a bear, and for James to wear a shirt that says "Oh my!" Cute right??

So with our animal costumes, and our animal-loving kids, what better place to go to a Halloween party than the zoo?! I've been looking forward to Boo at the Zoo, San Francisco Zoo's Halloween event, all month. And today was finally the day!

The babies wore their lion and tiger costumes, but I had failed to make James' "Oh my" shirt... so instead we both wore some bear ears leftover from Henry's Teddy Bear Picnic birthday party so that we could be bears together. Calvin and Henry got lots of compliments on their cuteness ;) But I think very few people got our theme... we needed that "Oh my!" shirt! Oh well, I'll make sure we have it for Friday. 



And bears! Oh my!!
For the Boo at the Zoo event, there were special tents set up with crafts and give-aways as well as an area for performers like a puppet show and a magician. Around the zoo there were stations where kids could trick-or-treat for candy and snacks. I mostly just wanted an excuse to bring the boys to the zoo in their animal costumes ;) 

We even took the boys on the carousel for the first time! (Actually, Calvin had been on the carousel with his Granny and Danpa... but this was his first time with his mom and dad!) I was so excited to ride the carousel with Calvin and Henry and they were fascinated by it.

More Halloween fun to come this week! #Ihearthalloween

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