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Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Halloween Countdown: Spiders in Shaving Cream

3 days 'til Halloween!

And next up on my countdown of Hallowen-themed play ideas is... Spiders in Shaving Cream!

Super simple and easy. I had bought shaving cream a few weeks ago to let Calvin play with. I used to use shaving cream when I taught first grade as part of a "hands-on spelling" center where each week the kids would have a different way to practice their spelling words via some sensory play. They would do things like fingerpaint their spelling words, make the words out of play-dough, or spell out the words with pipe cleaners. With the shaving cream, they'd smear some shaving cream on the table and use a finger to write their words in the cream. The kids always loved playing with the shaving cream so I figured Calvin would be into it too!

I opted for a tray rather than put the shaving cream right on the table. I used the old school Barbasol shaving cream and sprayed it into a spider-web design. As you can see, it turned out beautifully. (Haha just kidding, it looks like a mess!!)

Calvin was clearly unsure about whether this white foamy stuff was safe to touch. Still, he cautiously helped me place the spiders on the web. Then I convinced him to try pushing the spiders down into the shaving cream. 

If I wanted him to get messy, I knew I'd have to get messy too! Full disclosure, I have some tactile sensitivities myself... in other words, I do not like getting messy!  But, I don't want Calvin to have issues with certain textures or be afraid to get his hands messy, so I am getting over my own sensory aversions and getting down with some sensory play!

I don't have pics of us getting really messy because it was just the two of us and I didn't want to touch the camera with my hands covered in shaving cream :) So you will just have to take my word for it that I smushed and smeared and squeezed and squished that shaving cream with Calvin!

We had buried the spiders in the fluff, so then we decided to dig them out and collect them in a cup.

When I washed my hands to take more pictures, Calvin wanted me to clean his hands too. Being fussy about needing to have clean hands is one of those things I am hoping to avoid in his toddlerhood... but I wiped his hands anyway to humor him, and then I put the camera down and we both got messy again ;) Shaving cream was a very new sensory experience for him and I was proud of him for going for it! He did make like he was going to lick his hand at first, but I stopped him and explained that it was not food. He didn't try again, but this is exactly why I did this activity while Henry was asleep - Henry can't be trusted not to eat the shaving cream!

When we had dug all the spiders out, we took everything into the bathroom and washed the tray and the spiders.

Shaving cream is pretty fun to play with all by itself, or you can hide any kind of little toys in it and dig them out. Of course, if you wanted something similar, but edible I suppose you could go for whipped cream instead! Though I think whipped cream would start to melt in your hands...

Also, pumpkin pulp makes for an awesome, unique sensory experience. You can let your kids help you dig it out with their hands and pull the seeds out for roasting... that is, if they are willing to touch it at all, which Calvin was not!

I don't wanna touch that stuff!!

Um... Dad? Are you sure that stuff is safe??

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