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Saturday, September 15, 2012

Just an Old Sweet Song

A couple of weeks ago Calvin went on his first flight! 
Sleepy Calvin at the gate waiting to board

Infant in arms :)

Snuggly boy! You can tell he was about to go right back to sleep!
Calvin was an angel on the flight. He pretty much slept the whole way except for a short awake time during which he flirted with the passengers seated nearby ;) The return flight was pretty much the same, although during the return flight another kid (a toddler) started screaming and woke up Calvin which made him cry for a bit... but luckily that only happened once and it didn't last long!

We have so many special people that we want to see while we're there that our visits end up being pretty busy and we still don't manage to see quite everyone we'd like to. It helps when there's a big event like a wedding that brings a bunch of people we love together in one place.

This trip, we were there to celebrate the marriage of one of our very dear friends, Julie, to her lucky new husband, Bret! It was a gorgeous wedding and I was lucky enough to be a part of the wedding party. Calvin got all spiffed up in his new gingham outfit complete with a polka dot bowtie (handmade by me!) and he mostly slept through the ceremony and reception since it was an evening wedding.

Here's my little sharp-dressed man!

Dancing with a sleeping baby :)
While we were there we spent time with both sets of Calvin's grandparents and we visited his great-grandparents in Athens. Calvin also got to meet some of his aunts and uncles and cousins. Here's a new awkward family pic featuring Calvin's goofy Uncle Alex:

Everybody has a goofy uncle, right?

It's always sad to say goodbye all over again to our friends and family in Georgia! Maybe we'll see y'all at Christmas :)

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