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Sunday, September 9, 2012

Birthday Breakfast

The board game party was on a Saturday, but James' real birthday was the following Monday. And no birthday at our house is complete without... Birthday Breakfast!!

This is a tradition was started by my parents when my brother was a kid and I was a teenager. On our birthdays my mom and dad would make a special breakfast for us - complete with birthday candles - and we would take pictures and blow out the candles and eat together. The catch was that everyone in the family had to be there which meant we had to do it before the first person had to leave for school/work/church no matter how early. So these stunning birthday breakfast pictures from my adolescence usually featured rumpled pajamas, tangled bedhead and sleepy eyes. Here is a gem from my 20th birthday:

See how happy my brother is to get up early and celebrate my birth??

These days I am the early riser and I am usually ready for work by the time we do birthday breakfast photos. Here's mine from last year:

Still looking a little sleepy around the eyes.

And here's James' most recent birthday breakfast featuring - what else? - pancakes in bed!

Calvin looks about as excited as his Uncle Alex.

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