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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

As in, "...and Hobbes"

Calvin and Hobbes

Did we name our son after Hobbes' famous BFF? Um, sort of.

The story of our Calvin's name actually starts back when we adopted our cat, Lucas. We were headed for the SPCA and James said that he had always wanted an orange cat named Hobbes. And a son named Calvin. We laughed about how funny that would be because Bill Watterson's comic strip duo is so awesome, of course!

Calvin and Hobbes

But as fate would have it, we adopted our black kitty and kept the name the SPCA had given him. 

Fast forward a couple of years and we find out that we are having a baby boy! And I'm like, "Remember how you said you wanted an orange cat named Hobbes and a son named Calvin? Hahahaha... wait. Calvin... I actually really do like that name. Calvin." And James really did like the name too, all kidding aside. So what had started as kind of a joke turned into a very real contender among the names we considered for our little bundle of boy.


As the weeks and months passed, we wavered between Calvin and Paul for a first name (we ended up making Paul his middle name) and occasionally we talked about other possibilities... Isaac...Frank...even Apollo. But Calvin it is! And while it wasn't exactly deliberate, we are happy for our boy to share his name with Bill Waterson's curious, mischievous and ultimately endearing character.

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  1. I love Calvin Paul. It totally suits your little guy! (Not only that but I get a chuckle that that's the same reason my sister's family named their dog Calvin.) Thank you Calvin and Hobbes. :) You may have to name your next kiddo Thomas ;)