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Sunday, September 23, 2012

Baby Class Reunion

James and I took a childbirth preparation class back in the early spring to help us get ready for Calvin's big entrance. We really liked the teacher, we enjoyed getting to know the other soon-to-be parents, and we generally felt that the class was really helpful in preparing us for the experience of labor (as much as you can be prepared... LOL!) It was a series of sessions every Monday for 6 weeks, but we didn't make it to the last one because Calvin was born the day before!

This past weekend we had a reunion of all the parents with our teacher and all our new little ones on the outside ;)

The babies! Plus one big brother. Calvin is the one in the plaid shirt.

Proud parents! 

This cracks me up! Babies are hilarious. We've got feet grabbers, head kickers, finger eaters,
 and Calvin's girlfriend Autumn holding hands with another boy! 

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