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Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Wellness Wednesday: A Sniffly, Feverish Fall

I was thinking about Halloween last year and the year before and I realized that October has not been a great month for health and wellness around here for the past couple of years! Last year, Henry had his surgery in early October, though he was all recovered by Halloween. The year before that, when Henry was just a teeny baby, James, Calvin & I all got the stomach flu the weekend before Halloween and it was just as awful as you can imagine!! **Shudder**

This year, we started the month off with runny noses - first Henry, then Calvin. So Henry missed some therapies because I never want to bring him to clinic with any kind of sick germs. He puts his mouth on everything, and in a place with lots of other special needs kids you never know what kind of medical/immunological stuff they've got going on. I don't want to make a medically fragile kid sick with my kid's germs! Since Henry and Calvin always seem to take turns being sick, the runny noses lasted at least two weeks. But happily the boys didn't have any other symptoms and seemed to be feeling fine. I let Calvin take his runny nose to school. At least he doesn't put stuff in his mouth anymore ;)

So first runny noses, and now fever! I mentioned on Instagram and Facebook that Calvin was sick all last week. He woke up Monday morning with a fever and the fever lasted 3 days, followed up by a hacking cough that lasted another 3 days. He missed a whole week of preschool. 

That whole week, Henry was fine but I had to cancel some of his therapy appointments again because I would have had to bring Calvin and all his germs along. Being stuck at home with Henry and sick Calvin was a total drag. We were cooped up in the house for a week and it made me feel kinda lazy and restless. It's partly my own fault. I should have taken them out for walks or found at least some way to get us out of the house!

By this past Monday morning, Calvin was all better, he'd been fine all day Sunday as well, and he and I were both really happy that he was going to be able to go back to school! Henry had a therapy appointment, I had errands to run, I was showered and dressed and genuinely looking forward to getting back to our usual busy schedule. And as I was standing in the line of parents to sign Calvin in at school, I had Henry in the Ergo and I leaned my head down and kissed his forehead... and it was HOT. Of course. Henry had caught Calvin's fever a whole week later. 

So here we are. Another sick kid lying around feeling pitiful. Canceling therapy appointments again. At least Calvin's in school, though. But why do they have to take turns getting sick??? I feel like I'd rather just get it over with and have them sick at the same time! Though, I realize that taking care of two kids feeling pitiful is probably really tough. 

Parents with little kids, does this happen to your family? Do your kids take turns getting sick or do they get sick at the same time? And does it drive you crazy like it does me???

At least I'm not sick. *Knocks on wood.* 

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