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Thursday, October 15, 2015

A Pumpkin Farm and a Pebble Beach

Half Moon Bay, CA is known for its big Art & Pumpkin Festival every October and there are several pumpkin farms in and near Half Moon Bay. Last year we took the boys to the pumpkin festival there, and then to Bob's Vegetable Stand and Pumpkin Patch. This year we decided to skip the festival and head to the pumpkin farm earlier in the month. Half Moon Bay is also known for its beaches, so we decided to make a full day out of the trip and go to the beach after we picked out our pumpkins. 

Bob's is a very chill "pick 'em where they grow" pumpkin patch. No mazes or moon jumps at this farm. There are a few farm animals to see, and a big haystack and hay pit to climb up and jump into (unless you're like me... just looking at all that hay makes me double check that I've got my inhaler on me!). Here are some photos from our trip to the pumpkin farm.

We brought Henry's walker, but he preferred to ride in the wheelbarrow :)

We left with two huge pumpkins, 3 little orange ones and 3 little white ones. Calvin is adamant that we carve a dinosaur onto one of the big ones.

After we left Bob's, we headed farther south to Bean Hollow State Beach. This is a pebble beach which feels really neat on your bare feet and hands! The boys really liked playing in the pebbles, but at times it was hard to keep Henry from putting them in his mouth :/

We had packed a picnic from Trader Joe's. And PBJ's for the boys.

Bury Calvin in pebbles.

Bury Henry in pebbles.

Bury Daddy in pebbles!

The California coastline never disappoints. 

If you're headed to Half Moon Bay for pumpkins... let me suggest a trip to the beach while you're there! :)

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  1. oh these are so fun! thanks so much for taking the time to write and post the pics!