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Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Spooky Tot Play: Spiders, Ghosts and Glow Sticks!

I'm linking up with @playandlearneveryday on Instagram, as well as several other parents of toddlers for a Spooky Play Every Day photo challenge for October! Follow us on Instagram to see all of our daily spooky activities, or even join us in our spooky, silly fun :)

Here are my favorites of the spooky activities we've done so far.

Spooky Sensory Bottles

After much searching through our storage closet I managed to pull out the Halloween sensory bottles I made for the boys last year! For more details, here's the original post from our Halloween Countdown: Spooky Sensory Bottles

Icy Spiders

Calvin has this strange fascination with spiders at the moment. He's a little afraid of them, and he's obsessed with finding them both in real life and in books.So I thought he might enjoy this spider-infested ice, and sure enough - since they weren't real spiders after all - he loved this activity!

And it could hardly have been easier! That morning while he was at school, I filled up an ice tray and stuck a plastic spider into each well. They floated, but I didn't mind them sticking out of the ice a little. That afternoon when Calvin was home from school, I set out a big bowl of water and we started plopping our spidery ice into it. I gave him a scoop and some tongs and just let him explore. 

After a while he yelled, "Oh no!! The Spiders!!" And I said, "What about the spiders??" 

The ice had melted enough that the spiders were getting free! I thought maybe he was freaking out because he was afraid of the plastic spiders, but then I realized that it was more like he thought his toy had broken. I explained that the ice is supposed to melt, as ice will in a bowl of water at room temperature... and then we had a little science-y discussion about solids and liquids, freezing and melting. 

Meanwhile, I gave Henry a small bowl with just two ice cubes and no water (because he would have just poured it all over himself in an attempt to drink the water). He licked the ice a bit, but was generally displeased that what I had given him was not, in fact, a snack. 

Glow Stick Bath

We had a busy weekend, particularly Sunday which we spent first at a pumpkin farm, and then at the beach. We ended our Sunday Funday with this awesome, eerie glow stick bath! I had a bunch of glow bracelets that I got at a party store, but you could do this with any kind of glow sticks, glow necklaces, etc. Henry was too pooped from our big day to enjoy the bath, so he went to bed early. Calvin loved it and would only get out when I agreed to let him take the glow bracelets to bed. He went to bed with them stacked up both arms like Rainbow Brite!


For a spooky after-school snack, I used raisins to make ghost faces on Calvin's favorite fruit. The cookies are Halloween Joe-Joe's from Trader Joes. Super cute and super yummy!!

More spooky tot play to come! #spookyplayeveryday

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