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Monday, August 26, 2013

Calvin + Henry

These two boys are just adorable. And sweet. I feel so lucky to be their mama.

I am learning on the go about how to be a SAHM of "two under two" and although there are all too many moments when they are both crying or they both have poopy diapers or they are both crying in their poopy diapers... there is also Calvin's hysterical laughter and his goofy toothy grin with that irresistible dimple and Henry's look of sleepy contentment when he has a full tummy and is snuggled up in my arms. And sometimes it's hard to feel gratitude when I can't remember if I've showered in the past 48 hours and I can't figure out when one of us will be able to do the grocery shopping, but it is always easy to love love love these boys.

And I just want to add that I know there are many, many mamas that do much more than care for two under two! Twins, triplets, three under three, four under four, single parenting, kiddos with special needs and on and on... all with amazing mamas and daddies that do much more than James and I do! I should also add how thankful I am for James who is an awesome dad, and our many friends and family members who help us all the time! Right now I am especially thankful for my grandmother, our Lola, who lives upstairs. I wouldn't have thought that at 92 she could help me much with  the babies or the housekeeping, but she really is a big help! She is always happy to hold Henry or Calvin, and although she can't get down on the floor with Calvin to play with him, she plays with him from her spot on the couch and once she even pushed him around the apartment in his little red wagon! She also helps me fold the laundry.

Calvin is very curious about Henry. He often tries to touch Henry, especially his face and head. I just have to stop him when touching turns into grabbing or poking! It doesn't appear to be malicious, just curious. He likes to smell Henry's head and "kiss" Henry (which is really just Calvin putting his face on Henry's head!), but sometimes he leans in with his mouth open and his little teeth bared and I am afraid he will bite the baby!

He doesn't seem to be jealous of his baby brother, but it is frustrating for him when he has to wait for me to be able to help/feed/play with him because I'm help/feed/holding Henry. Sometimes it is Henry who has to wait. When Henry cries, Calvin usually looks up or goes over to him as if to see what is the matter or to try to help. Calvin often reaches up and drops little toys into the bassinet when Henry is in there. One time while all three of us were on the floor, Henry lying on his baby gym mat, Calvin tried to put a toy into Henry's little hand! I hope he still wants to share toys with Henry when Henry is actually big enough to play with them :)

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  1. I had forgotten about this post! When I wrote it, I was thinking about how overwhelming it would be to parent 2 under 2 and I was trying to express gratitude for all our blessings and I threw in that bit about parents whom I perceived as having it harder than me... special needs parenting indeed. This was obviously before we knew anything was different about Henry. At this time we were having issues with feeding and weight gain, but no blood test results and no diagnosis for sure. We were still so sure that he would be typically developing. Well, all these things I wrote are still true. No matter what challenges we may have we will always be surrounded by gifts. And no matter how hard everything else may feel at times, it will always be easy to love these boys.