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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

30 Beers for 30 Years

Don't worry. James did not drink all these beers! It wasn't that kind of party ;)

James turned 30! For my homebrewing beer connoisseur, I crafted (read: stacked) a beer can cake! And this is no Bud Light or Miller Genuine Draft creation. Not for James. No, this beer can cake is crafted of craft brews, of course! A selection of four beers from San Francisco's own 21st Amendment brewery, plus one from New Belgium brewery out of Ft. Collins, CO. That's right, James is 5 six-packs old. 

For anyone who might be Pinterested in making a beer can cake like this one, there are 17 cans on the bottom tier, 9 in the middle, and 4 on top. There are cardboard circles covered in scrapbook paper between the layers. Mine are about 12", 10", and 8" in diameter. I didn't do anything to attach the cans, so this cake isn't portable. My card says: Cheers! To 30 Happy Years with 30 Hoppy Beers! Note: If the beers you use aren't very hoppy, you might want a different message ;) Oh, and if you want that nice crooked edge on the card, cut it hastily with kitchen scissors.

We started the day with birthday breakfast! I got up with the babies and made almond flour "scones" with chocolate chips. They are super yummy and super easy. I'll share the recipe in another post.

James went to work and I spent the day throwing together a last-minute dinner party while Lola helped with the babies. I cooked a pot roast - James' favorite comfort food - with mashed potatoes and I cheated and used a salad kit. I also cheated and bought a cake at Safeway, but it was a hit :)

It's a S'mores cake topped with mini marshmallows and Golden Grahams! 

Looks like Calvin is signing "milk." 

Happy 30th birthday, James!!

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  1. Happy Birthday James! Very clever beer cake idea, Dee! And yay for the pictures!