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Thursday, June 20, 2013

Ready for Baby Brother

We did it! I have officially made it "to term" with Baby Brother! I am now 37 weeks pregnant and although my due date is July 11 (due dates are set at 40 weeks), 37 weeks is considered full term. 37-42 weeks is generally considered to be the window for a safe home birth. There is always the possibility of a hospital transfer, but so far (Thank God) I have been blessed to have a healthy, uncomplicated, low-risk pregnancy and all signs point to us actually getting to have a home birth this time around. (Calvin was born in the hospital because he was "late pre-term" at 36 weeks and there can be a big difference between 36 and 37 weeks when it comes to tiny babies.)

For me, the choice to have a home birth is about how I'd like to experience bringing this baby into the world. I want it to be safe for both of us, of course, so if there is any indication that a home birth is no longer a safe option I will not hesitate to go to the hospital just as we did the last time. But I also want the experience to be  private, intimate, and comfortable. I want to be surrounded by just a few people who know and love me and have personal interest in my well-being and the baby's well-being.

I am so fortunate to live in a place where home birth is a viable, safe, and legal option for me because there are awesome trained and experienced midwives who are legally allowed to practice in California (at least for now... but that is another story). And I am extra lucky to have Michelle Welborn as my midwife again! She is amazing.

Michelle and Calvin... just 14 months ago!
I am hoping that this baby will have an early July birthday (I'd like to get another month between him and Calvin if possible!) but the truth is he could come any day now! So here are some things we've done around our home to get ready for his arrival...

Supplies for a home birth
When I was learning about home birthing and midwifery I was surprised at how much medical stuff midwives are actually able to do in homes! To prepare for the birth it was our job as the parents to order/gather some of the supplies and have them organized and accessible. The supplies include things like sterile gloves, "Chux" pads (waterproof pads and sheets, just like in the hospital), sterile gauze, a blood-typing kit, towels, sheets, receiving blankets, a heating pad, garbage bags, and a bunch of other stuff. In addition, Michelle will bring her usual med supplies like her fetoscope, fetal doppler, thermometer, and blood pressure monitor; plus more medical supplies for the birth including IV kits, IV bags with fluids and antibiotics, medications to help stop bleeding after the birth (the same ones used in hospitals), newborn medications (again, same as in the hospital), a suture kit, a kit to do the newborn blood screen, a scale to weigh the baby, and so on and so on.

I also stocked up on coconut water to keep myself hydrated during labor!

Speaking of stocking up... the freezer in the garage is now stocked with food for the week or two following the birth. I figure we'll all be busy and I'll probably be in bed with the baby most of the time so it will be helpful to have meals (and take-out menus!) on hand. A couple of weeks ago I started doubling my recipes and saving half so now we've got some soups and casseroles ready and waiting.

We've got the bassinet set up again in the bedroom, and the changing table is now stocked with newborn diapers in addition to Calvin's supply.

This bassinet has been in my family for over 50 years. My mom likes to recall all the babies (including myself and herself) who have slept in this bassinet!

Look how teeny the newborn diapers are! Of course, they will both be able to use our adjustable Bumgenius diapers, but we like to keep disposable diapers on hand too. 
The newborn and 0-3 month clothes are unpacked and washed, and I made space for them in the changing table cabinet. Calvin has his new big boy convertible car seat so our infant seat is free for the new baby.

I realize that Calvin is tiny for a big brother, but still! He's come a long way from those little newborn onesies... and he even started out in preemie onesies!
Aaaah! I can't believe we'll have another tiny, mushy baby boy here soon! I'm so excited for him to arrive, but I am still hoping for July! I wish I could fast forward a couple of weeks! 


  1. You guys look prepared, especially that freezer. Would you like us to set up a meal train for you? I have had a few people ask us so I just wanted to check with you before we did it. Hope to see you this weekend.

  2. Yay for 37 weeks! You did it.
    You are always so organized! So impressive. Looking forward to meeting baby brother, but since we won't be there till July, I hope he waits. Miss you 3.