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Monday, March 25, 2013

Tahoe Pics II

Another great trip to Lake Tahoe a couple of weeks ago... minus poor Autumn who was sick and her mama who stayed home with her to take care of her. James tried snowboarding for the first time with Matt and declared via text that Snowboarding >> Skiing. Translation: he loved it.

The weather was relatively warm that weekend, so there was no snow other than up on the slopes. At the condo, once again, the grown-ups played board games while the Calvin and Sagan played with their toys and took their naps like good little boys. One afternoon everyone except me went out so that the babies could get some fresh air and outdoor playtime. I stayed behind with a headache. The downside of the trip for me was that I experienced my first migraine :(

Here are some pics (mostly of the kiddos) from our weekend trip.

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