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Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Chirpy and Grumpy

Calvin and "Hobbes"

Calvin, on his royal babyness sleep/nap schedule, is up at 6 or 7am every morning. And though James and I miss being able to sleep in on weekends, 6 or 7am is just the right time for our baby boy. It makes the rest of his day go well: naps and playtime and meals and bedtime and all that. And since we now all get up together, nice and early!, it also keeps James from rolling into lab too late in the morning. 

It has been a fact of our relationship since we started living together: I am a morning person and James is a night owl. Unfortunately for him, our baby-set sleep schedule is not conducive to night-owlery. It's great for me (except for the pregnancy insomnia and the fact that Calvin still doesn't sleep more than 5 hours straight... we're working on that 5 hours thing...) because I like going to bed early and getting the day started early. James goes along with the arrangement begrudgingly. 

Most mornings we're cooking/eating breakfast together in our little kitchen, and occasionally these days I'll try to get errands done before Calvin's first nap (Nap #1 starts between 9 and 10am). Sometimes James has to come with me on these errands... Dr. appts and such. I even dragged James, Calvin, and our friend Rachel to the farmers market at 8am last Saturday. 

But no matter what we're up to in those early hours, the interaction between James and myself is the same: I'm wide awake, ready to start the day and get stuff done, and in a good mood. James is more like a bleary-eyed, coffee-starved zombie. To make it worse, I get uncharacteristically chatty early in the morning. I'm sitting there talking my head off about this and that while I'm feeding Calvin... my latest thoughts on Calvin's eating or sleeping or pooping or whatever... how I'm feeling in the pregnancy... stuff I read on Facebook or saw on Pinterest... just talk talk talking fast and nonstop. Meanwhile James is staring blankly into his coffee and I'm not even sure if he is listening or brain dead or just plotting to kill me to shut me up. Sometimes he grunts and then I am pretty sure he is paying attention.

James says I get "Chirpy" early in the morning.  I say he is "Grumpy" until about noon.
Luckily, I love James' morning grumpiness. And he says my chirping is endearing. 

One day the boys will let us sleep in again... probably... right?


  1. Chirpy, Grumpy, and Baby! Can't wait to meet the other 4 dwarfs!

  2. Hahahaha... don't think we'll have quite that many dwarfs around here!