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Sunday, March 31, 2013

Calvin's First, No Wait, Second Easter

As I was about to write "Calvin's First Easter" in his baby book the other day I realized that since my little chicken made his arrival on Easter Sunday of last year, this year is actually his second Easter even before his first birthday!

On Easter last year we were celebrating and giving thanks for Calvin's safe arrival into the world. This year we had more traditional Easter celebrations... an egg hunt, bunny photo ops, a church worship service, and a big family meal.

We started the weekend with a big Easter carnival at Golden Gate Park where Calvin got to do his first egg hunting and met the Easter bunny. After our picnic lunch, Calvin also visited some animals in the petting zoo.

After leaving the carnival, we walked around the park a bit and took some more pictures.

We were all exhausted after our day at the park and we took a big family nap when we got home!

Early Sunday morning, we went to mass with my grandmother. It was the first time we'd tried bringing Calvin to a church service in a few months and we weren't sure if he'd stay calm and quiet. He was a wiggly thing and the "baby room" was full, so James stood in the back with him for most of the service, and when he got really fussy James eventually had to take him to the car and give him a bottle. It was his nap time by then anyway.

We went home and had a late breakfast with my grandmother, then started cooking our afternoon meal. James cooked a roast and I made veggies and rice for sides. I had set the table with an Easter display that included cupcakes I'd baked the night before. Some of my cousins came over for a late Easter lunch and stayed to play games and visit. We never manage to get very many pictures of the cousins because we are having so much fun eating and playing and hanging out!

Such an awesome and exhausting weekend! Feeling tired, but very blessed and thankful. 

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