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Sunday, November 23, 2014

Muddy Hike at Tilden Park

Tilden Park, just outside of Berkeley is pretty much heaven for Calvin. Maybe second to the zoo... but maybe not. We've been to Lake Anza beach in Tilden Park a couple of times in warmer weather. Today we visited the Little Farm and walked around Jewel Lake. Next time I definitely want to take the boys for a ride on the steam train and there's also a carousel that we haven't checked out yet, plus of course, more hiking trails. This place is amazing. So many things to do and it's just beautiful.

By the time we got there, we were hungry for lunch so we sat down for a picnic before heading over to the Little Farm. 

Chickens and geese and ducks - oh my!

At the Little Farm, you're allowed to feed some of the animals either lettuce or celery, but you have to bring it yourself. We didn't bring any, so at first Calvin started picking up tiny shreds that had fallen on the ground and was feeding those to the goats. Then a man who was there with a kid about Calvin's age gave us some of the lettuce they had brought so Calvin was able to feed the animals :)

These two goats were gettin' feisty over that lettuce!

When the cow's big tongue came out, Calvin panicked! He wouldn't feed the cows after that.

Calvin was still a little shy of the cow. But he liked watching the other kids feed her.

After we left the farm area, we walked through the education center. 

Then we walked to Jewel Lake and followed the trail around the lake. It was very muddy because we've had rain the past few days. Calvin found some puddles to throw rocks in.

The kid likes to make a splash.

Calvin also found a spot to throw rocks into the lake. 

Hanging out while big brother plays by the water.

Those two nuggets are some cute babies. #totallybiased

It was a fun day. I got grumpy at the end because I wound up covered in mud from carrying Calvin and his muddy shoes... but overall it really was nice. Mud and all. Such a fun park! Next time, steam train!

Anybody else love Tilden Park? Other favorite parks for toddlers in the SF bay area? 


  1. We love Tilden park too! Sagan still talks about James' birthday party at lake Anza. And of course he loves the steam engine and little farm, though we haven't been in a while. We should plan a trip together!

  2. wonderful pictures of some super cute lil dudes!