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Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Little Tykes and a Little Hike

Things are feeling like they are back to normal around here after a crazy October. Some good crazy, like lots of fun Halloween stuff and watching our SF Giants win the World Series! But some pretty tough crazy, like Henry spending a week in the hospital. So it's nice to be back to our version of normal - though I do miss getting to watch the Giants play almost every night!

Henry is doing really well now that he is all recovered from his surgery.

Like, really really well :)

No more puking or reflux symptoms, even at night. No more chronic runny nose. No more meds at mealtime. Still a little snoring, and he does have to use the BiPAP when he sleeps, but he is getting closer to sleeping through the night again and we can tell that he is getting better quality sleep because he's also transitioned to just one nap (like a big boy!) and he's starting to show signs of reaching more milestones!

He's started doing his own version of "commando" crawling, which usually looks like he is swimming across the floor.

And yesterday for the first time I saw him move himself from lying down to sitting up all on his own! And then he wouldn't stay lying down for nap time... Good one, Henry. Touché.

He's babbling a lot and eating a lot and I'd swear he's had a growth spurt in the last two weeks. It's wonderful to see!

Calvin is also doing well. He's all recovered from his clavicle injury and he's been out of the sling for a couple of weeks now. No news on a date for his hernia surgery. We decided to wait until his clavicle was all healed up, and we are not in a hurry to head back to LPCH. Calvin's got another evaluation coming up with his SLP (speech and language pathologist) doc at Stanford next week, so I will write a more detailed wellness update on him after that.

Henry has another sleep study coming up this weekend, so we will get some info on exactly what settings on the BiPAP are right for him and just how well it is helping him sleep.

We've had no doctor appointments for two weeks in a row, which may not sound like a lot, but to me it feels like a big break! I imagine that things will start to feel stressful again once we get the ball rolling again on Calvin's medical stuff, but for now I'm thankful for things feeling a little calmer around here.

We took a little hiking trip last weekend up near Mt. Tam. Beautiful weather, beautiful location. Our friend Matt and his daughter, Autumn, came with us and Autumn and Calvin were super cute toddling along the trail.

Calvin loved picking up little rocks and pine cones and his favorite thing to do was to throw rocks into the little creeks and pond.

Happy Fall, y'all.

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  1. So exciting to hear all the good news! I can't wait to see Henry's new developments. The hike looks beautiful - maybe we can join next time.