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Friday, September 12, 2014

We Got Halloween Back!

We got a little bit of good news about Henry's ENT procedure! An earlier spot opened up in our doctor's schedule, so his procedure is now scheduled for October 3rd instead of Halloween! Yay!

His sleep apnea still stinks. The fact that he has to have the procedure at all stinks. But I'm feeling less anxious and upset about it, and it really does help to know that he'll be able to have the procedure done sooner and not on Halloween! I'll take comfort in small victories. And now I can order their costumes! And get back on Pinterest to figure out what adorable pumpkin-flavored goodies I can make! We got Halloween back! I'll take it!

We're doing animal costumes this year. (Of course! For our little animal-lover, Calvin!) Lions and tigers and bears! Oh my!

Anybody else already excited for Halloween, like me? Got costumes planned?? Do tell! Or is it a surprise? ;)


  1. Yay and hooray! I know this is a bit of relief for you and I love your love for Halloween!

  2. So we should all come to trick or treat at your house, right? I, too, am glad to know Henry's procedure will be sooner.

  3. I'm so glad to hear your procedure moved up!

  4. A little bright spot! I know how much you love halloween - can we plan a party now?

    1. Yes! Let's plan a party! Halloween theme game night??