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Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Summer Photo Shoot 2014

After several very busy weeks with lots of doctor appointments for both boys, this last week has been nice and mellow. We're laying low with Calvin recovering from his clavicle fracture, and we finally have a bit of a lull in appointments. 

Henry's endoscopy procedure is coming up this Friday and I am possibly being incredibly calm about it, or possibly in total denial about it... I think it's actually both. I'm deliberately ignoring the things to worry about and focusing on pragmatics and prayer. Thank you to all those out there who have also been keeping our boys in your thoughts and prayers.

Running has been a really lovely distraction for me. I am really starting to get into it! I pushed myself a little too hard Sunday and Monday (got a 5k PR! 32:22) and am now taking a couple of days off with a sore ankle, but I expect to be back behind that jogging stroller by the end of the week.

And here's another lovely distraction! While visiting Georgia this summer, we snagged the chance to do a photo shoot with a very dear friend of mine who is a professional photographer, Lindsay Christerson. She did a beautiful job and I just can't resist showing off our family photos! I had intended to share these weeks ago, but things got so crazy around here that I didn't get the chance until now. 

Thank you, Lindsay, for these beautiful photos! To see more of her work, check out Lindsay Joy Photography.


  1. These are gorgeous and adorable! She's a great photographer, but your family is also so photogenic! And a beautiful setting too.