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Sunday, January 5, 2014

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Henry's First Christmas!
Those "Baby's First Christmas" jammies were also worn by me, my brother Alex, and Calvin.

It was a very special Christmas at our house this year because it was baby Henry's very first Christmas, and for big brother Calvin it was his first Christmas at home and his first Christmas being old enough to start understanding (or at least learning words - ok, signs -  for) our Christmas traditions. It was really exciting for me, getting to teach Calvin the story of Christ's birth through books and hymns and a little creche with plastic pieces for him to play with. It was also fun reading him books about Santa and bringing him and Henry to meet "Santa" for the first time.

Granny and Grandpa (my parents) arrived with Uncle Alex the on Christmas Eve Eve. And Christmas Eve was, of course, spent in preparations for Christmas Day. Granny and Grandpa took Lola to midnight mass on Christmas Eve, but James and I didn't brave the crowded church with the babies (we learned our lesson last Easter!), especially at midnight! Calvin slept fitfully all night as if he was really anticipating the excitement of the next day. And he was up early Christmas morning (slightly grumpy for lack of sleep) to see the treasures Santa had brought!

Good morning, Henry! It's Christmas!

Post-demolition... Calvin explores the pieces of the block city and train track he has dismantled.

"Oh IIIIII'm gonna open your present, Calvin!"

It's Elephant and Piggie! (Our favorite Mo Willems book characters.)

Rrrring ding ding ding ding da ding da ding! 

Enjoying an Elephant and Piggie book with Elephant and Piggie!

I tried to make almond flour scones for breakfast, but I forgot to add the honey! No wonder they were so salty... oops! At least we had other things to eat instead... and actually everyone ate the scones anyway! Later in the afternoon, our cousins came over and joined us for a Christmas dinner featuring James' fried turkey! 

Abbie helps Calvin look for presents in his stocking.

But Henry, you look so cute in the antlers!!

Granny and Lola

Grandpa and Granny
 My cousins Dennis and Beverly brought the gift of the day: 49ers beanies for all!

Go Niners! Represent!

It's always so much fun to hang out with all my cousins! After all the eating, gift-giving, and of course the big family photo, we played some of the games that people had gotten as gifts. 

We spent the rest of the week hanging out with my parents and my brother and his girlfriend, Erin, who joined us the day after Christmas. Grandpa had to go home to Georgia on the 29th so that he could work on New Year's Eve, but Granny, Alex, and Erin stayed through New Year's. 

For NYE, some of my cousins came over again and we had another big party in our little apartment! 

Happy New Year, Lola! Happy New Year, Henry!

Pam and I get photo bombed... thanks Ramiro.

Erin and Alex

Happy New Year, my sweet 2013 baby! Your birth year is over, but everything for you is just beginning!

Seems to be a trend in our family photos these days...
Babies not looking or not smiling, and mom and dad laughing it off! 

Me (I got a hair cut!), my mom and my brother

Granny Anne and Ate Pam
 It's a Filipino superstition tradition to wear polka dots on New Year's Eve and New Year's Day for good luck in the coming year. So my mom got everybody polka dot socks for Christmas. Good luck and happiness for all in the coming year!
Polka dot socks all around!  Even the babies wore theirs! (My cousin Phoebe left hers at home...)

2013 went by so fast! Henry is about to be 6 months old and I just can't believe it! Even more mind blowing is how soon Calvin is going to turn two! I feel like since we became parents life has become such a whirlwind! I can hardly keep up! And here we go diving into another year of this crazy adventure of marriage and parenthood... ready or not... Happy New Year!


  1. yay for you! good job, great blog post! we had a wonderful time and miss you all already! be glad you're in cali right now - brrrrr! hug the boys! love you!

    1. Thanks Dad :) Love you too! Stay warm!