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Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Short and Sweet Visit to Georgia

Since James has just started his new job at Align (which he loves!), we couldn't do a long visit to Georgia so we settled for a long weekend. The toughest thing about a short stay is that we weren't able to see everyone we'd have liked to see while we were there. Still, we were able to see some people from each side of our family, and a few friends as well.

We went straight from the airport to meet some friends for dinner and Calvin and Cedric (who met last Christmas when Cedric was just weeks old!) got to see each other and play.

Cedric: 10 months, Calvin: 18 months

From there, we went to my parents' house where we spent the night.

Of course Calvin wants in on Grandpa's pancakes, even though he's already eaten his own breakfast!

After breakfast with Granny and Grandpa, we drove up into the mountains to see Calvin's other grandparents. James' family does a big Oktoberfest dinner every year, and we were in town for this year's bratwurst and beer-fest ;) Four of James' five siblings were there with their spouses and kids. One of his sisters was sick, so her family didn't make it. Calvin woke up from his car nap to a house full of unfamiliar faces (of course, he'd met them all nine months before at Christmas). He was quite shocked and shy at first, but it didn't take him long to warm up to his cousins and it didn't take them long to warm up to him :)

Cousin Fort
James and his brother and sisters making pretzels for Oktoberfest

Henry and Grandma - He must have gotten his curls from her!

Calvin is wearing his Grandpa's first pair of walking shoes! 

We stayed with James' parents for two nights, then spent our last night back with my parents. On our last evening, we visited some of my family's friends.

We stayed past Calvin's bed time, but he was happy and social the whole time so we thought he was fine. Unfortunately, I think keeping him up late made him fussy on the plane the next day...

All in all, the trip was short and sweet. Though I regret that we couldn't visit all our family and friends, it was nice to visit with some of them and it was great for the boys to get to spend some time with each set of grandparents. 

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