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Monday, October 21, 2013

Happy Campers

Yes, we are crazy.

We got back in town from our trip to GA on Tuesday, and headed right back out of town on Friday night for our second camping trip with our two under two! Our friends, Ben and Rachel, and their toddler, Sagan, camped with us. 

Last time we camped in the shade of the redwoods, this time we headed inland to desert climes at Del Valle Regional Park. I missed the redwoods. It was a few degrees warmer at night, but oh man the sun was scorching during the day! At least it felt scorching for October. Our campsite was really exposed, so we had to relocate to a little grove of trees across the street to find a shady spot for ourselves and especially our little ones. Luckily, we were able to switch campsites to a shadier one for the second night. 

We decided not to go for a hike or hit the lake (which was mostly dry anyway) and we just lounged around the campsite all weekend. Calvin and Sagan played in the dirt, and Henry relaxed with us in the shade. 

Good morning campers! First morning at the campsite.
James and Calvin are looking sharp in their matching jammies.
With in a couple hours, the sun was up with it the temp was WAY up. We kept Henry cool in the shade of the cabana. 
Re-located cabana in the grove across the street. Mama giving Henry a bottle. 
Dad's Happy Camper!
Shady spot. You can see our sunny campsite in the background.
Daddy giving Henry a bottle. 
Nap time in the cabana.
Chilllin' in Sagan's camp chair. Gotta get Calvin one of these!
Firefighters drove their brush rig through and let our boys check it out.
Firefighter Calvin!
Tummy Time is so hard! This is just a few minutes before Henry rolled over for the first time! All that frustration paid off!

Oh look, another bottle for Henry!
James Jams in his Jammies
Good morning on our last day of camping! More milk for Henry!

I'm so glad we got to enjoy a weekend of camping with our friends! We headed home on Sunday afternoon. We have a new family tradition (which we started after our last camping trip). The evening we return from camping, after the car is unpacked, the laundry has been started, we've all showered and put on jammies, we order a pizza and put on a movie. Right now Calvin's still too little for pizza and a movie, so he had his dinner and bedtime early. But soon I'm sure he'll appreciate our post-camping chill out ;) For now, James and I sure do!

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