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Saturday, July 20, 2013

Hello Henry!

Hooray for Henry! Our beautiful second son is here at last!

Henry Campbell Nishimuta
Born Saturday, July 13, 2013
8lbs. 4oz., 20 in. 
Henry is 1 week old today! 
Henry was born in our home and delivered by our two awesome midwives, Michelle Welborn and Sue Baelen. Michelle is our primary midwife. She did my prenatal care throughout the pregnancy and she is still taking care of Henry and me during these first few weeks postpartum. (Michelle and Sue were also our midwives when I was pregnant with Calvin.)

I will write Henry's birth story another time when I have more energy... for now, some photos from his first week will have to do!
Moments after Henry's birth
Michelle is doing Henry's newborn exam.
Henry and Daddy
Henry and James with our midwives Michelle and Sue
Henry meets Granny Anne! 
(He is under a heating pad because his temp was slightly low just after the birth.)
Calvin meets his baby brother!
A sweet kiss from Calvin to Henry
Henry meets Rachel, Ben, and Sagan
Henry looks so much like James' newborn picture!
Henry and "DanPa"
My dad arrived from GA two days after Henry was born.
Henry and Lola Coring
"Granny Anne" and "DanPa" with their grandsons
Henry's first "bath" with his daddy
Henry and Mama
Henry meets Jaime and Autumn (and Matt, not pictured)
Henry and Ate Pamela
Henry meets his cousins! Some of them anyway.
Dennis, Beverly & Cassie; Pamela, Ramiro, Phoebe & Abbie; Hartley, and Auntie Mila
We even Skyped with our cousin Gladys in Turkey and her 2 month old, Kamila!
Mushy face!!
Here's what our breakfast in bed looks like these days :)
We're tired, but we're happy!
And here are our two beautiful boys!
Calvin - 15 months, Henry - 1 week
Calvin was so excited about this. It was James' idea.
 I was so nervous, LOL! Henry clearly was not a fan.

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