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Saturday, November 10, 2012

James' Favorite Sandwich

It's been a big week! President Obama was re-elected, we're sending our thoughts and prayers to those affected by Hurricane Sandy, James is in crunch time as the date for his thesis defense creeps closer, and Calvin turned 7 months old! We're a little late on Calvin's 7 month laundry basket pic because his dad and I had some creative differences to sort out and as a result we need a do-over on the photo shoot. But there was one more event this past week that probably got lost in the shuffle: National Sandwich Day.

What? You forgot National Sandwich Day? I wonder what else you could have been thinking about. We missed it too. But I feel like it is as good an excuse as any to share with you one of my go-to meals for lunch or dinner... our version of a Buffalo Chicken Sandwich!

This is James' favorite sandwich so it is always a hit. Also, it's really easy and involves the crock pot so I have made it for a board game party.

James' Favorite Buffalo Chicken Sandwich

Quantities for the ingredients really depend on how many sandwiches you're making and your taste (how spicy, how much avocado, etc.) so I'm just going to list the foods.

- Chicken breasts
- Frank's Buffalo Wing Sauce
- Avocado
- Cheddar (This is for James' version. I use Blue Cheese in my version below.)
- Sourdough bread (if you are lucky enough to be able to come by real sourdough. Otherwise, any bread you like.)

Put the chicken breasts in a crock pot and pour some Frank's sauce over it. I use about half a cup of sauce over 1 lb of chicken. You just need a little liquid to keep the chicken moist, you can add more at the end for the flavor. Cook the chicken on high for 5 hours or on low for about 8 hours. I usually use frozen chicken, so if yours is thawed, you will need a little less time. Check it from time to time to make sure it isn't drying out. Add more sauce or a little water if needed.

Once the chicken is cooked, shred it with two forks. If it doesn't come apart easily, cook it a bit longer. After shredding the chicken, add more sauce to taste.

Put some shredded, saucy chicken on one slice of bread and lay some slices of cheddar on top of another slice of bread and toast 'em. After toasting, put some slices of avocado on the chicken.

Close them up and enjoy! A side of baked sweet potato fries is a nice addition :)

My version is a little different because I feel that Buffalo chicken should always be paired with blue cheese. Also, this particular time I was going for a low-carb meal. So here's my lunch:

I just put the shredded Buffalo chicken straight on the plate and topped it with blue cheese crumbles and avocado slices. I have also made this as lettuce wraps. Any variation of these ingredients is bound to be yummy. 

So, congrats President Obama, prayers for storm survivors, good luck to James, happy month-birthday to Calvin, and happy belated National Sandwich Day!

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