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Friday, October 12, 2012

Rough Night, Honey?

Here's a conversation James and I had a week or so ago:

James: (Has just come home from work) Rough night last night, honey?

Diana: (Not fully remembering what happened the night before) Um, yeah I guess it was. Calvin was pretty fussy... I had a hard time helping him go to sleep.

James: Yeah, I saw you had drunk half a bottle of wine so I figured it must've been -

Diana: (Defensive) I did not drink half a bottle of wine! If I had drunk that much wine I would have been passed out -

James: Well, you were! You were asleep on top of the covers in your clothes!

Diana: (Confused... then remembers what actually happened and starts cracking up laughing) BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

And then I explained what had actually happened...

My cousin Hartley (who lives upstairs) came by the apartment when he got home from work. He ended up hanging out and having dinner with me (I had made a big pot of chili). We had even started playing a board game (Lords of Waterdeep). We also opened a bottle of wine and we each had a glass.

I had already put Calvin to bed, but Calvin was fussier than usual and kept waking up crying. Our game and our dinner kept getting interrupted so that I could go soothe Calvin and get him back to sleep. Finally I had to just bail on Hartley and lie down with Calvin because it was clear that he was not going to stay asleep on his own. So we cleaned up the game, put it away, and I went to go put Calvin to sleep. Once Calvin was finally out, I was so tired I didn't bother getting ready for bed. I just crashed in my clothes on top of the covers. So when James came home he found a half-empty bottle of wine and me asleep in my clothes!

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