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Friday, August 24, 2012

Calvinized Onesies

Inspired by this post on using letter stickers to make wordy wall art over at Make & Do Girl, I decided to try my hand at making some personalized onesies for my little chicken nugget.

All you need is some letter or shape stickers, fabric paint (any kind) and onesies or t-shirts. I used some Tulip soft fabric paints and some puffy fabric paint that I already had. I used them both the same way, applying with a sponge, but of course the puffy paints got a bit crunchy when dry. I also tried my hand at a spray fabric paint (the kind I used was called Simply Spray). You just arrange the stickers on the shirt, paint over them, let them dry and peel them off! Kind of like inverted stenciling. I forgot to buy sponge brushes so I cut up a Trader Joe's sponge and it worked just fine!

 I mostly used letter stickers, but I also got this idea to do a space onesie so I took mailing labels that I already had at home and cut them into stars using a craft punch and I used the letter O for the moon, although my husband thought it was a planet. I said the moon isn't always a crescent!

Here are the onesies as they are drying...
...and here they are all finished!

I was not so successful with the spray paint... it bled a bit around the edges of the letter and tape, and it's not evenly sprayed. I think I just need some practice with it. Also, in the future I will stick to the "soft" fabric paint. The only reason I didn't do that this time was that I already had a few puffy paints at home.

I made these just a few weeks ago and he is already growing out of them! Almost time to make new ones :)

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