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Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Monterey Bay Aquarium Pics

After our awesome and magical Disneyland adventure, we just weren't quite ready to go back to real life right away. So we decided to extend our vacay a little and head over to Monterey for a night on our way back north so that we could take Calvin and Henry to the Monterey Bay Aquarium! 

This aquarium is really awesome. The best part for our family was that there were so many interactive exhibits for kiddos and Calvin was actually tall enough to do most of them! There's also a super fun play area for little ones with stuff that even Henry, a non-walking kiddo, could enjoy. Plus, the exhibits are just amazing! Our favorites were two of the special exhibits there right now, the Jellies Experience, all about sea jellies; and Tentacles, which featured octopuses, squid, and cuttlefishes. 

Looking out over the bay

Calvin found Nemo! And Dory! :)

This sea otter is eating shrimp that have been frozen into a block of ice.

Haha it looks like we are winking! It was really sunny!

Upside-down Sea Jellies

They were a little excited about the penguins.
Sensory play area with different textures and sounds to explore

Toddler water play area

These two sure do love an aquarium! And Monterey Bay Aquarium did not disappoint! 

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