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Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Spring Camping Trip

For the first time in a long time we took the kids on a camping trip! Our last camping trip attempt was almost a year ago when we tried to go camping over Mother's Day weekend and it was just too windy to be any fun. This time, we went with our friends Ben and Rachel and their two boys, Sagan and Izzy. Izzy is just 10 months old, and was their first camping trip as a family of four!

We went to a park that we'd never visited before, China Camp State Park, so named because it was a Chinese fishing village in the 1880's and now part of it is a historical site. It's on San Pablo Bay and it has a couple of small beaches where we picnicked and the kids had fun playing in the sand and rocks and water. 

Our campsite was beautiful. It was nestled at the end of a row of sites, with a little trail behind us winding back into the trees. Calvin and Henry had a wonderful time. They're becoming very outdoorsy just like their dad :) Calvin loves walking the trails, picking up rocks and leaves, and especially throwing rocks, which is sometimes problematic, but not altogether a bad thing since he mostly wants to throw rocks into water. The beach at the China Camp historic site is a rocky kind of pebble beach which was perfect for him. He was happy to stand there and toss rock after rock after rock into the bay. Henry, as always, needs sensory breaks every so often which usually means strapping him into the Ergo with the hood up so he can kind of hide and relax, but at other times he has really sunny, happy moments of gazing at the trees, or exploring the ground around him, or just playing with his toys or playing with us. Of course it would be easier if those stretches of play and enjoyment lasted a little longer, but for now I'm thankful that we have an easy way to help him calm down when he needs a break (Thank you Ergo!!), and honestly, I'm thankful that he has those sunny, happy moments at all!! Seeing how much the kids loved camping makes me want to go more often! Anything healthy that makes them this happy is worth the work!

Calvin takes off down the trail, following Ben and Sagan ahead of him.

Get to work kid. We need some firewood. ;)

That's our tent behind James and Henry.

Down by the bay. Lots of rocks to throw into the water!

James & Calvin, Rachel, Izzy & Sagan

Beach bums.

Happy Henry!

Such a big boy!! And a cutie!!

Cute even (or especially!) with his hat hair!

Back at our campsite, getting ready for dinner.

James took the kids on a walk while dinner was being prepared.

Campfire time

Henry liked the campfire just a little bit. 
Sunday morning oatmeal and coffee

They called this their "boat." They hung out here for a bit while the grown-ups packed up camp.

After packing up our campsite on Sunday, Ben & Rachel and their kids headed home, but we hung around for one more picnic at a different little beach in the park.

That awkward moment when you realize that you and your spouse are wearing the exact same outfit...

Beach bums.


We got home dirty, sandy, and exhausted! Everyone needed dinner and a bath. There was gear to be put away and piles and piles of laundry. The babies were cranky and fussy from being so tired. In those moments it's hard to feel like it's worth it to get out of the house at all! But no. Of course it's worth it! Being out in the woods, out at the beach, out in the sun, enjoying each other's company, seeing the kids so happy. It's the best. 

Does your family do camping trips? 

What kind of weekend trips or vacations do your kids enjoy?

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  1. How fun! You're making great memories for yourselves! Thanks so much for sharing!