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Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Too Busy to Blog! And a Quick Trip to NC

So far 2015 feels like a nonstop whirlwind of places to be, phone calls to make, and cleaning to do! Last year we would have stretches of time where we'd be super busy for a few weeks, and then things would calm down and we'd get a bit of a break. I am ready for one of those lulls, but there doesn't seem to be one in sight!

I feel so behind with blogging, but honestly, as much as I love this blog, it's the thing that has to go on the back burner when I'm feeling overwhelmed. If you follow us on Instagram and Facebook, you'll see I update those more often since it's easier to share some quick pics than to write up a whole post!

We had a bit of a break a few weeks ago with a quick weekend trip to visit James' brother, Stephan, near Charlotte, NC. Two of James' sisters came with their kids, and James' mom and dad came as well. We had a big family party to celebrate Stephan's 40th birthday. It's always great to hang out with family. And we never remember to take pictures because we are too busy enjoying ourselves! But I think that's a good thing. 

After we left Stephan's, we drove up to Raleigh and took Calvin and Henry to see the dinosaur exhibit at the NC Museum of Natural Sciences. So awesome! 

It's a real diplodocus femur!

Digging for fossils

Sitting in a sauropod footprint


While we were in NC, we even got to see some snow!

Henry did not love the snow... I don't blame him. I don't love it either! 

Calvin, on the other hand, definitely loves the snow :)

We skipped Tot School for a couple of weeks after Valentine's day, because I was just too busy to put anything together! We're back to it, but I think instead of doing a post a week (which I clearly cannot keep up with!), I'll wait a few weeks and then combine our Tot School themes into fewer posts.

We're keeping it pretty simple at the moment with some animal habitat themes. Last week we did Arctic & Antarctic animals, and this week we're doing ocean animals.

In the meantime, I will try to get around to writing some therapy updates on the boys. Long story short, they're doing great health wise and they're getting lots and lots of therapy which is keeping us all really really busy!

Here's an adorable video of the boys (including James) playing in the snow :)

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