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Wednesday, January 7, 2015

What do Sharks Eat?

Happy New Year again! :)

I hope your year is off to a great start. I feel like we have hit the ground running around here. This week James is back to work and the boys are back to their therapy schedule. I am still working on getting our apartment back in order after the holidays, and, of course, I'm back to taking care of scheduling the boys' medical appointments and various meetings involving their therapy services.

We had a great Christmas and New Year's eve/day and we got to spend time with lots of family whom we love and don't see often enough. We were sad to say goodbye to Danpa and Granny when they headed back to Georgia.

But Hartley, our cousin who lives upstairs and who usually spends lots of time with us, was out of town for Christmas and New Year's. So we were all very glad to see him on Monday when he came home from his travels!

Hartley came down to our apartment in the early evening and was playing with Calvin while I was cooking dinner. Henry was busy playing by himself on the mat in the living room (our living room and kitchen are just one big room). I was busy at the stove and Calvin was chasing Hartley around the living room and kitchen with his shiny shark stuffed animal.

It's a pretty rad iridescent pink shark that another one of our cousins gave Calvin for Christmas a year ago. At the time, Calvin was afraid of it so the shark spent all of 2014 hidden on a high shelf until this past weekend when I took something else down from that shelf and revealed the shark's hiding place to Calvin. Apparently he's not scared of it anymore! He asked me to get it down and he's been playing with it ever since.

So Calvin and Hartley were running in circles around the apartment with Hartley slowing down enough for Calvin and the shark to catch him every now and then and they're carrying on with roaring shark noises and fake cries of fear from Hartley and I was standing at the stove sauteeing onions and feeling so, so thankful for having someone to entertain Calvin so I could cook dinner! I turned around and said, "Hartley, I'm so glad you're home!"

Hartley smiled and said he was glad to be back and kept letting Calvin chase him around in circles and pretended to be scared and hurt when Calvin let the shiny stuffed shark bite him. Then Hartley stopped for a moment.

Hartley: Does Calvin know that sharks eat fish?

Me: ...Um, I think he knows. Calvin, what do sharks eat?

Calvin: HARTLEY!!  

And then we all cracked up and Calvin resumed his chase :)

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