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Thursday, May 1, 2014

Sick Week

This week did not go as expected! Of our 4 scheduled appointments only one actually happened. Everything else got rescheduled because poor little Henry got sick! High fever, then a runny nose (A very runny nose. I'm talking epic snot.) and then a rash. Doc says it looks like he had a virus that caused a respiratory infection. Rash indicates that the virus has run its course, but the remaining snot-face-ness and return of the fever mean that he needs antibiotics for the respiratory infection. Calvin never had the fever or rash, but he's definitely got the runny nose. 

I have to admit I'm actually relieved to have been spared the busy week I was gearing up for. But I was kind of bummed to be house-bound. While the rest of the Bay Area was probably at the beach enjoying this heat wave, we've been making do with the sunny spots in our wilderness of a backyard. Calvin doesn't care. He couldn't be happier. Some bubbles, a tub of water and his bath toys... he could stay out there and splash all day!

So instead of the wellness update that I thought I'd be sharing, here are some adorable pics of Calvin in the back yard :)

Bubbles, please.

How do I open this thing?

Water toys!

Signing octopus while holding an octopus. Calvin, don't talk with your hands full ;)


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